Friday, June 12, 2009

Unburied Bodies

OK, so it's a bizarre analogy, but when teaching the poetry of WW1 I mention the number of unburied bodies on the fields of war at any given time. I never really understood the notion of scrapping a story idea (here's the inappropriate analogy) and moving on. After all, I finish things. I'm logical, and tenacious, so why would I ever just ditch a story? I'm starting to get it. I've tried three shots at stories that have either lain down in the nice warm snow to go to sleep, or wandered off the path and been 'jacked by young adult style. The best path to getting it right(er) seems to be to try again. And I mean all new: new character, new voice, new story.

Cue the reason I can be so jaunty and enlightened about this: attempt number four. Now this one is working very well. I read it last night to a savvy friend (she was knitting at the time, hence the performance) and got great feedback. It helps that she likes it, of course, but the revision ideas all made sense and it was so helpful to have a conversation about where it will all go. I couldn't walk away from this one if I tried.

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