Thursday, June 11, 2009

Do Over

OK, Starbucks rescheduled for Monday at 5.30 (come on out, locals!). The storms continue each evening through the weekend, so Monday seems a good bet. Now, if a plague of locusts come through on Monday in otherwise clear skies, I might be prepared to consider that an omen. There's probably a card for that, and if there is my MIL would have it for me. The all-time best present from her was a dinner table kit for Passover, for the kids (allegedly). It was called (really, are you ready?) Ten Plagues in a Box. Plastic bugs, spotty cow masks (!), fake blood (!!) dark glasses with which to simulate blindness (!!!) and a jigsaw puzzle featuring Death of the First Born (!!!!!!!!!!). The best dinner table entertainment. Ever.

Started on a new chapter book yesterday. Couldn't get to sleep last night for mulling it over, so that's a good sign. The last couple I started got bogged down without enough forward momentum, but this one is intriguing and I think I've got the forward motion as well. The kids' swim lessons in the morning are affording me writing/thinking time under a tree at the aquatic center. Teaching in the afternoon is even kind of cool this month. Goal for today: two more chapters. Or one, and some excellent plot points. I have lots more writing time in the summer than when school goes back in the fall. Teaching works that way!

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