Monday, June 15, 2009

Hunt and Peck

Back in high school we could choose an elective every now and then, when we hit sixth form (eleventh grade), and one of them was typing. It wasn't a popular option, but my dad recommended it and said he'd pay me to type his dissertation up if I took it. It was the old "cover the keyboard and wing it" approach to teaching ten finger typing, but it worked. And then with a summer of typing dad's dissertation after, the skill took.

All this to say: I have made an exception to the "unplugged June" rule for my seven year old. I have a "teach kids to type" CD that I got from the school book order. It is bright, colorful, and kids have to get their "strength" points by completing exercises and improving on them before they are rewarded by brief "arcade games" (until their strength runs out and they have to go back to the exercises). I could have made an exception to just about any number of educational media, but really want the books and board games month. Still, it occurred to me that when July 4 rolls around and we lift the electronics ban, the typing CD will be in competition with everything else. Even the heavily controlled substance that is the X-box. And frankly, sparkly and colorful or not, it won't compete.

I don't think I can pay him to type up my blog, or anything. At seven, that's child labor. But how to teach ten finger typing so it sticks?

Starbucks tonight... although (you guessed it): we're under a (tornado) watch!

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  1. I've grateful to my typing teacher since we use keyboards for work and for writing and for just about everything it's such a good idea. (Though you're right...probably not as enticing as an Xbox, sadly.)