Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ps and Qs

This morning my daughter asked me what the word "ow" begins with. I said "o" as in "o-w" rhymes with "how". She seemed confused, and then asked why did we talk about Qs then? As in, "pay attention to his Qs." Wondering if I'd ever used the expression "mind your Ps and Qs with the kids (couldn't think why on earth I would) I realized she meant "cues" -- as in, "mind your brother's cues" -- as in, "ow, ow" means get off him now!!

Reading around on blogs I found a phrase I liked. A writer said she had a certain work "on a rigorous submission schedule." Someone else talked about their "To Query" list. So, I've developed my "to query" list, and plan to apply "rigor" as the standard.

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