Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sublime to Ridiculous

So during the water blasting of the shed I pondered what to do about the "ink" from one editor. It hadn't occurred to me to do more than file it, and blog about it (done, and done). But something I read said send a thank you or some such. And so I went to the website of said publisher and read their current catalogue. I know the book says to do this for everyone, but it's a steep startup learning curve (remember, that's why I know I need an agent!) so bear with me. In any case, their picture books were all quite lyrical and quiet, and I thought: I have one of those! So I sent it as an exclusive submission, to that editor, with a follow up note about how it might suit their lists better.

In the meantime (in between time) getting ready for Starbucks Gig tonight. It's hard to foresee how things will go. Picture books... with no pictures? The preschoolers will be a tough sell! But I'm hoping to engage them with questions as we go, and I think it's really important for them to see that books aren't born in a hardcover from a bookstore or library so much as a story beginning with someone who has an idea, just like they do. I'm also taking as my ace in the hole a bucket of crayons and pad of paper. They can be my illustrators, and I could figure out how to post their pics on my website. Note to self: take camera, and photo waivers.

Finally, and I'm so proud: our "unplugged June" is paying off. My son's last word coming into this month had been: at least June only has 30 days. But this week he asked us to extend it to July 4th because (gasp) he likes to sleep in. Meanwhile, over in the two years younger camp, the humor is all about gas (skip this, faint of heart): Daughter at dinner table: "I'm going to burp." (Farts.) Parents, as if synchronized: "What do you say?" Daughter: "Always expect the unexpected." (Loud guffaws all round.) True story.

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  1. 1. So smart of you to resend! Brilliant!

    2. Also brill idea re: crayons.

    3. That's hilarious.