Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because Fatherhood Wasn't Difficult Enough

So the fabulous table for the Game Room (the father's day material gift, as opposed to the gift of time spent in Home Depot ordering drywall etc) arrived yesterday on back of furniture store truck. It was factory damaged, ever so barely, which made it ten percent of its original price (yay!) and is so perfect I literally squealed when I saw it, half lay on it, and wouldn't leave it to go find store personnel. It is large, heavy, square, and bar table height (ie. perfect for playing tabletop games). Also, cherry, and beautiful. And it has a leaf in the middle, which cunningly folds up under the table itself and pins there. Which is how hubby put his back out yesterday. Overwhelmed by the table. He is now walking sideways, and reassuring me that my gift hasn't killed him, yet.

It really is amazing how much time there is without Netflix in my life right now. And since daughter woke me at 4.30am, and I'm done with email and blogs and oatmeal already, I think I'll get writing. Getting back into bed sounded great, but son's in there now as well...

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  1. Oh, the table sounds fab! And glad that you all survived it and can now just enjoy. :)

    Happy writing today (really impressed by your productiveness)!