Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Lovin', Had me a Blast

When Mother's Day has been a tough act to follow (rare, but in this instance it happened), Father's Day has to really blow it out of the water. Cue: Home Depot, 12 month credit, and eight hours (over two days) to outfit the hubby's Game Room in the backyard. At one point, when he suggested jokingly in our four hour purchasing odyssey yesterday that he might have to reconsider the color of the vinyl siding that he'd just spent an hour special ordering, he followed up with: "It'd be all over then, wouldn't it!" "Yep," I said. "Then it'd be my writing room in the back yard..." Mother's Day had better be mediocre next year or 1) I'm hosed and 2) we'll be broke!

Have been feasting on middle grade and YA fiction. Very much enjoying the Fablehaven trilogy. Loved Rick Riordan's last Percy Jackson (The Last Olympian). Just read Meg Rosoff's The Way I Live Now, which was very cool. And have discovered Janet Taylor Lisle (Afternoon of the Elves, have just received two others of hers in the mail). Have The Horn Book, will travel.

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