Thursday, February 25, 2010

... And Other Mythical Creatures

Son's note to the Tooth Fairy last night: "Here is my tooth. If you have any teeth of mythical creatures, or gods (Hades, Poseidon, Zeus, etc) please leave them."

The Tooth Fairy (paternal version) was gracious about not having mythical teeth to leave, and while she did point out that gods don't tend to lose teeth, she conceded that son's 6th tooth was indeed beautiful enough to have belonged to "one of the big three."

Son has read The Lightning Thief (great series to read), and now flings around references to the Greek pantheon with ease. The Tooth Fairy is jealous, in fact.

Thanks for voting on the "talent show" poll! Seems we are all singers and jokers, with a bit of stage fright thrown in for good measure. Watch for the new poll, coming soon!


  1. Not having read the Percy Jackson books, I was thinking the movie looked like an interesting way to see if the books were worth looking into.

    As my summer reading (for fun) list grows impossibly huge. . . .


  2. Oooh, not the film! Not the film! Book good. Film not so much! (Son liked it, but you are no second grader Allison!)