Thursday, February 18, 2010

Talent Show

We have been picking ourselves up this week after the Big Birthday Bash last weekend. There's frosting on the blades of the ceiling fans... Oh, the horror. (But a great time was had by all!)

This week's dilemma: the talent show. Which used to be called the school lip synch, but one of the co-organizers this year whose daughter plays the violin finally put in her vote for some actual talent, which is both a relief and a gauntlet.

My kids are undeniably cute and talented. But what talent, exactly, translates to 3 minutes of stage time? "I could skate, and juggle," suggested Son, which would solve the problem beautifully if he could do either of those things already let alone at the same time and in front of an audience.

Lately, if I hush him he quotes somone from Jimmy Neutron: "You have silenced a great talent!" which is funny, but (wince) untrue.

Meanwhile, Son has been anxious about auditioning for the fall show. I pointed out that his father could teach him how to audition: it wasn't something he had to just know how to do. So we settled on a twofer: learn a short audition piece, and perform it for the talent show. His little sister has gamely agreed to be a sidekick, with just one question: "Who will be bossing us?" "Your father. And it's directing."

It's no violin solo, but it'll do.


  1. I would love to see my son do the talent show at his school. Last year, he friend wanted him to play drums while she played keyboard. She called him on the phone to ask if it he'd do it. He said, "yes," because he hadn't really understand a word she said, and he was being polite. Afterwards, when he found out what he agreed to, he said he was too scared to do something like that. Not sure he'll be up for it this year or not.

    Sounds as if your little ones are brave!

  2. Drums, wow, GEW! That's a great idea, actually...

    I think Daughter would go wherever her brother goes, so they show bravery in numbers!