Saturday, February 13, 2010

Are We There Yet?

  • Valentine's Tea party at the library... check.
  • Valentines written, candied, and delivered to two classes... check.
  • Valentine's chocolates to teachers... check.
  • Birthday cookies ordered for the day prior to birthday so as not to get lost in the class Valentine party shuffle... check.
  • Class Valentine parties... check, check. (Oh, the madness.)
  • Valentine's candy bags brought home: sugar orgy... check.
  • Birthday presents wrapped, delivered, opened, to the accompaniment of singing, and sushi for dinner... check.
  • Birthday cake for party collected from bakery in town doing a booming Valentine's weekend business... check.
  • Treat bags (no candy, because mommy can't take it anymore) made and ready for party... check.
  • House cleaned, hot dogs and cakes and ice cream at the ready, awaiting the pitter patter of fifteen sets of kindergarteners' feet... check.
  • Daughter, every five minutes: When are they coming? Is the party NOW? ... check.
  • Hubby's Valentine card and present ready, stashed in a drawer ... check.
  • Mother-in-law's chastisement (You're going to a writing group in Kansas City on Valentine's Day???) ... check.

Nervous, high fructose corn syrup- laden breakdowns: still pending. Check please!

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