Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Pink Edition

Valentine's tea party at the public library last night was wonderful, as ever. The youth services personnel all wore hats and over the top formal wear, with many a feather boa (the turquoise zoot suit was a nice touch), and stood along the red carpet from the front door to the juvenile library room and applauded and admired the kiddos in their formal dress. Daughter still fits her flower girl dress from 2008, thankfully.

The annual Valentine's edition of the puppet show was followed by song and dance (chicken dance, and London Bridge), and then the much anticipated tea: pink lemonade and petit fours served on miniature china, with a rousing rendition of I'm a Little Teapot lead by Mrs. Teapot.

Many balloons and treat bags later, including one for Son who was officially too old for full participation this year (to his chagrin, although he did manage to sigh with some resignation: "Well, I had my years..."), we have launched the Sugar High that will now continue through the weekend.

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