Sunday, December 19, 2010

Because They're Purdy

See my new socks, a gift from a fellow (but far superior) knitter? Aren't they wonderful?

So now I am inspired to knit more and better socks. We had a knitting marathon yesterday, and clocked around 8 hours. My kids' teachers will both have fancy pants scarves for Christmas!


  1. Awesome! I'm a big scarf knitter (because they're easy), and I'm got a little hat on deck. But I definitely want to learn how to knit socks. A knitting marathon sounds awesome! Do you have knitter friends?

  2. GEW: Scarves are wonderful! I think 2011 will be my Year of the Hat. I think they're my next addiction. I am hooked on socks, and am a fan of the five dpns method. And I'm in two knitting groups, for fun and sanity.

    I managed two scarves and a hat for the kids' teachers this Christmas: hand knit (by me), hand spun and hand painted (not by me). They went over a treat.

    Happy knitting! Check out the Yarn Harlot blog on my bloglist. She writes fabulous books too!

  3. I will check on the dpns sock method. Have you also read Yarn-a-go-go? She's an aquaintance of mine from grad school. These days, she's writes more about writing than about knitting, but she's a champion knitter who writes romance novels. Fun!