Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have Kindle. Am Now Important.

What really did it for me was seeing all the chic commuters in London clutching their kindles as they rode the rails. And not having watched commercial TV in ages (thanks, Netflix) I was quite defenceless for the week-long advertizing bombardment during my trip. And the kindle commercial sure is cute.

And I bought the more expensive one, because it works in other countries! You can download books from amazon in less time than it takes to get pickpocketed on the tube! And it's such a shame that the covers for them aren't cheap, which feels like a scam but probably isn't.

And now, I'm multi-tasking. Because although my kindle hasn't even arrived yet, some cool techno-voodoo called WhisperNet has delivered books to it, as it travels along in its box on its way to me! And that, my friends, is just so unbelievably cool I can't stand myself. I have a kindle avatar. Admire me.


  1. Welcome to the club! I've had mine for a year now, and while I occasionally cheat on it with paper books, I really do love it. And I'll be taking it with me to the UK next month. Sounds like I'll be among other Kindled folks as I ride the trains.

    I'm hoping the downloading works over there as smoothly as it works over here. The instant gratification is divine. Congrats!

  2. GEW: good to know that all the best sorts are doing it! Have fun in the UK; it's kindle-heaven. Can't wait til it actually arrives...

  3. I remember that when I ordered mine, it got stuck in Tennessee or Kentucky b/c of bad weather. I posted an update on Facebook that said something like, "My Kindle is Stuck in Tennessee," and everyone agreed that it sounded like a good country song title.

    I'm sure you're feeling that country-style longing right now. Hope it arrives soon!

  4. GEW: Ohh, man. If mine's stuck somewhere, I hope it's in the Caribbean!