Monday, December 13, 2010

Well, She Says She Is

Son: Friend hyperventilates a lot. If he was a demigod, Ares would not be his father.
Me: Well, the two of you like theater. Maybe you're sons of Apollo?
Son: I tell you. If Artemis wasn't a maid...


  1. You guys have a lot of mythology talk at your house. Your kids seemed *intimately* familiar with the gods and goddesses. What gives?

  2. I did Classical Studies in high school and enjoyed it, and Son is indeed intimately familiar with the entire Percy Jackson series of books. He and another friend spent their entire playdate yesterday making a flag for "Camp Half-blood"! Also, I picked up a box of "Horrible Histories" books and he began with the Rotten Romans and the Groovy Greeks! I think he's dabbling in the Celts book now...

  3. How old is he? I can't get my son to get into fiction. He just loves his science books. Well, he'll roll with Junie B. or Ramona--which actually works out really well for the girl--but he finds lot of fiction to be SCARY. It's all the suspense, I think. Makes him sweat.

    But the girl is going to LOVE Harry Potter (and such) when she's ready. I think.

    Should I read the Percy Jackson? I'm reading The Dead and Gone right now (the second Pfeffer book).

  4. Son reads a lot during the school day when he gets done ahead of others in the class. I'm just thrilled he likes reading, but we've boycotted AR a bit. He doesn't need motivating to read, so I don't like turning him into a word counter. He's in 3rd grade now.

    The Percy Jackson series is quite good; not exactly Harry Potter good, but a respectable read. Let me know what you think of Book 2 (and 3, if you get there)!