Monday, May 9, 2011

In Which I am Besotted

So, turns out that sneaky Son had another agenda with his "family interview" the other day, because this two page letter was pasted inside a giant card he made me for mother's day yesterday.

"Your interests are pretty much the exact same as mine, and they are good interests. I simply adore reading, writing is fun too. I love movies just as much as you do and family time is the most fun of all. And we can't forget cats, very elegant creatures, but not as elegant as you, mom. Traveling I agree is excellent. Your talents are extraordinary. I mean you are really good at mothering, you know, when you should apply discipline. Writing is one of your specialties. Your voice is like silk, you could sing anyone to sleep! Your French is really good!

Your dislikes are exactly like mine. I dislike all of the things that you dislike too. You are really smart so you have a really good job. You were born in a really nice place. I agree that it was wide open spaces in New Zealand. It is very fun.

I am a kid and I love these vey interesting things. Reading is awesome!!! Writing is not too much my style, biking is fun, and swimming rocks. I have to agree that sunburns stink. I really do hate jelly. Bullies are meanies! I think that stabbing a pitchfork through your foot would hurt! You had to be embarrassed in that pink swimsuit. I bet you didn't like to ride your bike as much after you fell off your bike.

Your hair sparkles in the light. Your eyes are as blue as the sea. And you are lovely!!!"

[Note: he did not mention that I am plump, after all!] Daughter's card was beautifully hand decorated, and gorgeous. She praised my "squishiness."

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  1. That is so lovely! And this: "Your voice is like silk, you could sing anyone to sleep!" = wow.