Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kindles Would Work on a Desert Island (For a Month)

Inspired by last weekend's day-long writing retreat in a great farmhouse with lovely views and lovelier company, I'm just dying to do it again. It has been an entire academic year since the last really long retreat (a whole week!). I have visions.

Do you "retreat"? How do you do it?


  1. I never retreat. Unless you count staying up super late or getting up super early, when the house is quiet.

    Come to think of it, I really need a retreat. ;)

    Happy that you enjoyed yours!

  2. I had my hotel night last week! It was great. I want more more.

    I have a friend who I retreated with twice. Once at her house for a day, once at a hotel for two nights.

    She can't retreat right now b/c she has 3-yr old twins and an 8 mo. old baby.

    But I do have a new academic writing partner, which is GREAT. We're in totally different areas (she's c19 American, and I'm c18 British), but she's a brilliant and kind reader and I'm STOKED! Come to think of it, she would also be a great reader for any young adult stuff I were to do.

    I've never done a week. I think that, once I have a full draft of the dissertation, a week long dissertation retreat would do wonders.

    Not as fun as a creative writing retreat, but still.

    Glad yours was great!

    Why is your post title about Kindles?

  3. Ink: I agree. You really are overdue!

    GEW: Sounds terrific, both the retreat and the writing partner! And a week-long retreat, trust me, does wonders. The kindles are only referenced because if I retreated to a desert island, I could take 3000 books with me (for a month)!