Thursday, May 19, 2011

Why Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late is a Palpable Hit

This book is justly famous and wonderful. And here's why.

Daughter, far past bedtime: Is there another meaning for "lean." Not like "lean on me," but "fat and lean"?
Me: Yes. Now go to sleep.
Daughter: I'm lean. Brother is lean. You're... kind of lean.
Me: Go to sleep.
Daughter: Dad... Well, he isn't fat, exactly. But he isn't lean, either.
Me: Enough already.
Daughter: Hey! I'm asking some pretty good questions here!

[Still Later.]
Daughter: Did Brother's tummyache get better?
Me: Go to sleep.
Daughter: I know! [sitting up in bed, eureka style] I'll make him a Get Well Card!

Here, on the other hand, is why there should also be another Mo Willems treasure, called Don't Let the School Give Up Early. (Or if you prefer, Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Summer Vacation.)
Note, sent home this week from third grade. "We have a lot of activities going on this week! Tuesday, AR points Pizza Party! Wednesday, Reading Celebration! Trip to Mini-Golf. Thursday: Wings party! Health Party! and AR Points, Ice Cream Party! Next week I have attached a number of notes for activities. Monday is a school-wide luau. Please send beach towels marked with your child's name. Also, I will take our class fishing next week. Please return permission slips!

Please help your child stay focused in school this week as we have several tests for grade cards."


  1. ZOMG, exactly. And I *adore* "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Summer Vacation." You're so brilliant.

  2. Ink: Not so brilliant. I had to google ZOMG. NOW I'm a genius!

  3. The schools: I *know*, right? I'm thinking, "Ahhh, a few weeks in which I can finish up my grading and work on the dissertation before the kids finish school." But no. I have to volunteer for a bazillion things. Today, I took the cat to school for Pet Day. Let me tell you: She LOVED it. Not.

    As for sleeping, have you seen this, LKL? I'm guessing you have: